We are underground. 

Silent, but watching. 

We will be back. Republic City has not forgotten us. 

The Equalists will live on. 


How does Amon like me apologize again for not being on for an extremely long time?

Amon: By making more jokes for everyone to enjoy.

Lieutenant will be working on the layout of the blog while I come up with some gold to share with all of you. Believe it or not but for the past few months the Lieutenant and I have had the worst hangover ever. We woke up in an alley with barely any clothes on and someone had pictures of Lieutenant serenading a snowman.

Lieu: Sir, I don’t think that is something our followers want details on.

Amon: If I can find out where he hid the photos I will make sure to post them! Again, I apologize for us being gone. Hope you still love us! Jokes will be posted soon!

Anonymous asked:
i love you amon, can i kiss you, feome equalists angel

Amon: Of course! Let me just take my mask off…* tries to take off mask*… Erm.. It’s…Stuck…

Lieutenant: *Snickers*

Anonymous asked:
well isnt my leader amon and lieu , girle thiks in her mind, there so hot , frome equalists angel

Hot? Us?

acetucker replied to your post: Day Two.
I’m sorry. As hard as I try to feel sorry, I can’t stop laughing at the thought of you dancing Gangam Style nekked. It’s a terrible predicament, to be sure, but if you DO die, there are worse ways to go out.

Lieutenant: Amon seems to feel the same way, seeing as he refuses to help me. He’s trying to seduce the ghosts at present moment but I don’t think it will-

Amon: Lieutenant! Bring the chocolate sauce to my room.